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Safety. Accuracy. Patient comfort. Lumina delivers.

We exist to remove the friction and high cost of medical imaging. No more navigating a complex hospital campus. No more waiting on priority cases. We meet your patients where they are, and offer convenient locations and hours; before work, after work, and on weekends.


The Lumina Promise.

Our promise is to bring power to the patient. We deliver accurate reads from fellowship-trained, sub-specialized MetroHealth physicians to you and your patients within 24 hours. Guaranteed. Giving you the ability to make care decisions faster. If you need a re-scan for any clinical reason, we’ll re-scan for free.

Illustration of a Lumina Imaging support staff messaging with a patient that their scan is ready to go.

Partnership with our
referring physicians.

We think of ourselves as your partners. Our staff partners with your office staff to provide pre-authorizations, and same or next day scheduling in most cases. Our imaging technologists possess an average of 14-years experience, along with the warmth and empathy you can trust with your patient care.

A Lumina Imaging radiologist collaborates with a referring physician over video chat

Only the best.

Our partnership with Hitachi Healthcare brings hospital-quality imaging machines into our patient-friendly clinics. This is the latest imaging technology that delivers the highest possible scan clarity and quality, in real-time. So, you get the right read quickly. All of our images are available immediately via PowerShare, a cloud-based imaging platform. Or, if you prefer, we can share images via disk, or fax. Results are provided within 24-hours through EPIC MyChart. If you’re connected, we’re connected.


The Lumina Experience.

At Lumina, patients don’t wait. In fact, patients can sign in by driving by. Auto-arrival alerts us to their proximity, meaning we can start the check in process before they enter our clinic. So, they are met by their technologist as they enter the clinic, and walk right back to their scan. Our patients enjoy transparent pricing. So they always know what they’ll pay, which is 50-70% less than hospital imaging.

Illustration of a patient experiencing the ease of Auto Arrival at Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics
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