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Patient Imaging Centers in Northeast Ohio

At Lumina, our imaging centers in Ohio help you find clarity.

Our imaging centers achieve this through quick and comfortable MRI and CT scans on hospital-grade equipment, convenient same or next-day appointments, and by taking the hassle out of the pre-authorization process — giving you and your provider results read by fellowship-trained radiologists within 24 hours.

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At Lumina, we provide simple, straight-forward pricing that beats hospitals. You’ll never pay more than our listed price, and since we work with most insurance plans, you could pay far less.

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Lumina accepts all major commercial and Medicare insurance plans.

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MyChart lets you access your test results, appointment information, and payment information. You can pay your bill directly from MyChart, too.

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We’ll get you from the parking lot to your appointment quickly. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and check in using the Hello Patient app within MyChart.


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Paying your bill through MyChart is easy, and you can wait to pay through MyChart until after you receive your bill. Or you can pay via cash, check, or credit card on the day of your appointment.

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We want to give you all the information you need upfront. Check out our FAQ section for answers to common patient questions.


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