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Your Comfort, Our Pleasure

High-Quality Imaging and Diagnostics in Northeast Ohio

Our spacious, hospital-grade equipment provides a comfortable experience.


Speed & simplicity

Mobile check-in. Same and next-day appointments.
Results in 24 hours.


Know before you go

We give costs upfront—and at a rate that beats most hospitals.

Lumina Imaging & Diagnostics:

A clearly distinct experience

You have a choice when it comes to MRIs and CT scans. At Lumina, we’re focused on one thing: high-quality imaging and diagnostics that provide clarity about your health. With same or next-day appointments at convenient locations, hospital-grade equipment, and results within 24 hours, we provide the clarity you need — quickly.

Immediate availability
  • Same and next-day appointments
  • Mobile check-in
  • Imaging and diagnostics results within 24 hours
  • Convenient neighborhood locations with free parking
  • Costs communicated upfront
  • Flat-fee pricing structure that beats hospitals
  • Most insurance plans accepted
Equipment & expertise
  • Latest hospital-grade technology for clearest imaging and diagnostics
  • Experienced technologists trained to provide the best images

In addition to imaging and diagnostics, stay on top of your health with our coronary artery and lung cancer screenings.


Neighborhood locations near you.

What Patients Say About Lumina

The best evidence of our difference is what patients say about their imaging and diagnostics experience.

My imaging tech was so outstanding and extraordinary. He knew I was nervous about having the MRI, and he went out of his way to make me as comfortable as possible. He just went over and above—I can't praise him enough. He is quite an asset to the Lumina team.

My imaging technician was the absolute best! He was professional and thoroughly explained the process, ensuring that I was comfortable and confident during the procedure. Excellent employee who shows knowledge and compassion!

The staff did everything possible to make me comfortable even though it was somewhat painful. They took their time explaining everything to me, and I appreciated that so very much. The staff is exceptional!

The staff stood apart from other CT scan facilities that I had been to. They were not only professional, but they were friendly, courteous and very organized. It was a very smooth process with good communication all around.

It was a great experience: the staff were very friendly and professional. I would recommend the place to anyone looking for a outstanding experience. Thank you very much for the pleasant experience!

My tech was amazing! She was so kind and caring and helped me when I needed it. The best. I have been there before and am always glad she is my tech. There is no one better! She is so thoughtful.

Your staff took wonderful care of me. They were kind, welcoming and comforting. From the front desk to the techs, they were professional and efficient. In addition, results were posted quickly so my doctor and I could have an educated discussion on next steps.

I wanted to tell you that my experience with Lumina a few weeks ago was excellent! I went to the Medina location and the staff was fantastic and the pre-authorization process was so quick that I was able to get an appointment scheduled sooner than I anticipated. It’s a really great service for our patients and community.

Thank you for your kindness, and professional atmosphere! Every single person was helpful, and knowledgeable. I appreciated all of you!

Best service I have ever had. Every single staff member was incredible. Thank you for making this such an easy experience. Will definitely be recommending this facility in the future.

Though I never want to get a CT scan, if I ever had to get one again I would go here. I was blown away by the genuine friendliness of every single staff member I talked to.

The entire staff was professional, courteous, and I had exceptional care. Thank the staff for me please.

My whole experience was awesome, from the front desk to the technician. I would highly recommend Lumina Imaging.

Absolutely exceptional professionalism and care throughout my appointment. The receptionist was helpful and friendly, and my technician Robert was the very best at explaining and making me feel comfortable. Extremely valuable employees who represented your facility in the utmost positive light. Well done!

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