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Get your forms done.

Once you receive an order from your physician, you’re able to schedule an appointment with Lumina.

Form Downloads

Please feel free to give us a call to take advantage of our convenient times. You may be able to do a little homework ahead of time. Depending on your order, please download, print, and fill out your CT and / or MRI intake forms prior to your arrival. We can also help you avoid the paperwork and complete your registration over the phone when you call to schedule an appointment. If you’re scheduling an MRI, you will be asked if you have implants. If you do have implants, we will need to know:

  • The manufacturer card for your implant or device

  • The name or type of implant or device you have, who the physician was and the institute where you received the implant or device

  • At this time Lumina cannot scan patients with pacemakers and ICDs (Internal Cardiac Defibrillators)


The day of your visit.

Please arrive at the Lumina office 15-minutes prior to your appointment time.

We ask that you carry the order from your referring physician with you, along with your insurance card, and any completed Lumina CT / MRI forms. If you choose not to complete your registration over the phone, you may fill out the forms in our office.


During registration, we will open your Lumina MyChart account. If you’d like to receive the images of your scan, we’ll also open a PowerShare account for you right on the spot.

After a short wait...

You’ll be called back for your imaging. The friendly, personable image tech will explain your scan, answer any questions, and then perform the scan.


Once the imaging is complete...

Your scans will be read by the best. A board-certified, sub-specialized radiologist will interpret the imaging study.

All you have to do is activate your Lumina MyChart Account to gain access to your report. You’ll be notified by email once your report is released, so turn on email notifications. If you want your images, please activate your PowerShare account as well. You should receive both your report and images within 24-hours or less. Your doctor will receive both your images and your report at the same time. If you need a CD of your images, let us know during registration and we'll have it ready for you before you leave. So you don’t worry about a thing.

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You’ll need these

Form Downloads

These are the forms you'll need to fill out in order to complete your scan. Please download and complete the form for your scan.

CT Patient Form
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MRI Patient Form
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MyChart Account Form
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PowerShare Account Form
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